General info and often asked questions:


-Check in is 3pm
-Check out is 11am
Since we are usually booked solid we can not arrange for early check-in or late check-out because the room is occupied or we are cleaning it for the next guest.
Please respect the other guests and check-out on time.  Fees will be charged for late Checkout.
Please respect the staff and stay out of the way while they prepare your room for checkin.
Please check your email after you book!  We will email you full check-in instructions within a few days to a few weeks of your booking.  (depending on how far out your booking is).   If you have a last minute booking we will usually try to text you the info as well.   


Street parking

There is street parking usually easily available, though you do need to closely read and follow all parking signs – cars need to be moved every other day to allow for street cleaning.  While we can never guarantee the safety of your vehicle, I have been street parking in this neighborhood for 10 years and have never had an issue.  Of course, be sure to follow common sense and don’t leave any valuables visible inside your vehicle.

In front of the lodge there is a fire hydrant which you can park at briefly with your flashers on to load or unload your vehicle.  Half of our block and all of Manhattan Avenue is metered parking, so please be aware of where you are parking and what the rules are.

Garage Parking

We do not have a garage right nearby, but here is a link to a place about 5-10 min walk away:


This is a very safe neighborhood in general – I have lived here for 10 years and in the general area for 20 years and have never had an issue.  However, it’s still smart to follow general rules of safety throughout your entire trip in new york –
don’t flash money or wear expensive jewelry on the street,
don’t walk under scaffolding after dark,
don’t wear your headphones at night
secure your purse across your body, not over your shoulder
don’t walk down dark, deserted blocks after dark
if it feels creepy, don’t go in there.


We Provide:
– Hair Dryers
– Towels, Sheets, and Pillows
– Lockers in the Dorm Rooms (bring your own lock)
– Iron and Ironing board
– Pots, Pans, Silverware, Dishes, etc in the kitchens
– AC and heat in all rooms

We will email you a code for the front door and the door to your room will be open and the keys inside.  
If you need anything during your trip there will be instructions for multiple ways to contact us throughout the lodge.


If you do arrive early or are leaving after checkout time we have an area reserved at the bottom of the stairs for your luggage.  We cannot guarantee the safety of your belongings, but have so far never had an issue.
Please do not block the passageway as the staff needs to get through to access cleaning supplies and washing machines.


If you booked through a different website or booking service the rules for when and how to pay will differ depending on what site you booked through.
If you book here we ask that you pay in full at time of booking.


We have a two-week cancellation policy.
If you cancel more than two weeks before the first day of your reservation we can refund the full reservation cost.  Please give us a week to issue the refund as we do not have a full time desk staff and it does take some time to do.  It may also take up to 10 days after that for the refund to clear to your bank account.
If you cancel less than two weeks from the first day of your reservation no refund is due to you.  However, we will do our best to re-rent the room and refund only the amount we can re-rent it for.  We will have to wait till the end of the reservation to know what we were able to recoup, and then it will take us up to a week to calculate the difference and process the refund.  From there it can take 10-14 days for the money to appear in your account.